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About Me

Committed to Excellence

Hi there. I'm Audrey Yu.

I created Hey Yu Product Solutions to help brands, ready for expansion, launch their passion projects into the Asian market hassle-free. 

Cultural Backgound

My upbringing in Taiwan and exposure to diverse cultures have equipped me with a deep understanding of customer preferences and cultural nuances. Fluent in Mandarin, English, Taiwanese, and Italian, I connect with clients and partners on a meaningful level.

Professional Background

My journey into consultancy began in Taiwan, where I assisted international brands in navigating complex product sourcing and compliance testing across multiple factories. Coordinating with various suppliers to ensure high-quality standards and compliance with global regulations became my expertise. This experience laid the foundation for my consultancy venture, instilling resilience and confidence in my abilities.

My consultancy services provide comprehensive support, from crafting entry strategies to navigating cultural nuances, ensuring successful market entry and growth in diverse Asian markets. I've devised innovative campaigns in digital marketing that resonate with Asian audiences, maximising brand visibility and engagement.

Point of Difference

With deep understanding of the customer journey and cultural sensitivities has proven invaluable in fostering solid connections and driving unwavering customer loyalty. Trusted by businesses looking to expand into Asia, my consultancy delivers tangible, results-driven solutions that ensure success in the vibrant Asian landscape.

My services include:

  • Market Entry Strategies

  • Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Brand Positioning and Differentiation

  • Customer Preferences and Cultural Understanding

  • Supply Chain Logistics

  • Product Development and Sourcing

Time is Now

Ready to tap into vibrant Asian markets? Unsure where to start?

Let's explore how I can assist. Together, we'll navigate market complexities. Turn ideas into actionable strategies. Set your brand up for success in dynamic Asian landscape.

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